Mayor’s Charity BBQ at Chalk Farm Hotel

September 4, 2012 in News


Sunday 2nd September and we set off to the Mayors Charity BBQ with the unfortunate british drizzle. Instead of the gazebo outside, we set up a display in the bar room. It soon got very busy with guests arriving to join in the event and enjoy the 17th century Chalk Farm Hotels wonderful home produce of burgers and sausages!

The event went with a swing with live music, young dancers, bellydancers and a raffle. Proceeds  from the event are going to Lark in the Park a local charity which raises funds for local children with special needs. We even made the local paper!!

Chalk Farm LDC (Learning Disabilities Centre) is run by the local charity E.A.P.A.G. (Eastbourne Area Parents Action Group) and is a registered charity and an accredited training centre, based at a fully functional hotel and plant centre.

The animals and I got to meet many new people including the Mayor and Mayoress, the Chalk Farm Hotel staff and lots of fundraising guests and many handled the animals too. Here are a few pictures of a great day including handling photos and one of the set up taken while people went outside for the BBQ.

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